Wednesday, May 14, 2008

timberlane shutters

i adore these shutters!

beautiful hardware

I've been admiring Timberlane Shutters for a while now. Maybe it's the craftsmanship, maybe it's the reminder of living in Europe, maybe it's because it's soo green.

Probably all of the above.

* the shutter styles are historically authentic

* each is handcrafted

* treated to withstand weather

* custom crafted to fit you home, desires, and windows

* traditional mortise and tenon hardwood peg construction used for longevity

* beautiful hardware straight from the blacksmith

There are many good reasons why europeans and much of the world have been using shutters for hundreds of years.

I have lived in France and Italy and never had air conditioning. We learned to use the shutters to improve the air quality and desired temperature within our flats. When living in Torino, near a "red light" district, we learned to shut the noise out with the shutters. In Switzerland and Paris, the sweet smell and breeze of rainy days could be brought in while still keeping us dry.

In my parents home, like many contemporary american track homes, we have shutters. Though they are completely nonfunctional. I'd like to benefit from their beauty as well as function! Yes, I am enamored by Timberlane's mission, research, quality, and craftsmanship.