Friday, May 2, 2008

Rinnai - green heat

I'm all about efficiency. Not to say that i am a perfectly efficient person, but tools, practices, and , that make my family's life more efficient is so enticing and invigorating to me.

So you can imagine my interest in Rinnai's efficient product line of tankless water heaters, ductless heaters, fireplaces, and cooking appliances. Here is a tibit of what they have to offer:

tankless water heaters:

From Rinnai's product overview page, their water heaters:

"Produce and supply endless streams of hot water to multiple outlets simultaneously without any fluctuation in temperature

Are up to 50 percent more energy efficient than a traditional natural gas water heater and up to 70 percent more efficient than an electric water heater

Shut-off automatically when the water supply is closed, providing users with significant energy savings - in turn saving money on their utility bills

Are compact wall mounted units with a life expectancy of 25 years, whereas hot water tanks require about 16 square feet of floor space and usually last around 10 years

This graph is especially enticing to me because, though i am a rapid shower gal, Carl finds sweet indulgence in a long shower (which I've learned he also requires), which makes it imperative that i shower first if i would like some warm water. :)

No need to think about that any more...

consistency...right up there with efficiency...

Ductless Heaters
"When winter sets in, there are certain rooms that get used less because of cold spots. But with the consistent and even heat provided by a Rinnai Ductless Heater, you can enjoy comfortable heat anywhere all winter long. Rinnai heaters are efficient and easy to install. And the innovative cool-to-the-touch cabinet makes it safe for the whole family."

safety....a must!


There are several options. I always imagined having a salvaged old stone fireplace...but this modern style is also aesthetic...

There are free-standing models as well. The pictured fireplace is model RHFE 750. Here are the details:

"Rinnai redefines the standard with the innovative RHFE 750 power flue gas fireplace. The RHFE 750 is up 83%* AFUE efficient through the use of a stainless steel heat exchanger and modulating gas valve with automatic blower.*NOTE: AFUE efficienty rating can be achieved with propane model and maximum vent length of 7.2 feet with no elbows."

Features & Benefits (from site):
Zero clearance kit option available
Consistent room temperature for maximizing comfort
Sealed combustion system minimizes indoor heat loss
Stainless steel heat exchanger
Thermistor for accurate temperature control
Digital dual timer function
Full-function remote gives total control of heat and flame output
Pre-heat mode to ensure set room temperature is attained
3-speed fan allows for even heat distribution


also available are:

portable cooktops - wonder if they'll come out with cooktops for our everyday use...

rice cookers - supposedly, this gas rice cooker cooks quicker and more evenly than the electric rice cooker

smokeless griddles - we use our electric griddle on average twice a day...

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George said...

But how much would I save on my oil heater. I can't seem to find stats relating to oil heat. It might be "old school" but many people still use it. Come on, why would we change to anything else. It's reliable, extremely safe, burns hotter and heats up the home evenly throughout.

Working for NORA I have come to appreciate the need for heating alternatives, but I still stick with oil. Just check out this site:

That's the only alternative I use. Green oil. haha