Wednesday, March 12, 2008

permeable pavement

belgard pavers
historical bricks

porous concrete pavement

One of the worst parts of having a driveway are the chemicals, oil, and grease that is washed off and then flows into our storm drains. The runoff can cause erosion, flooding and contamination of public waterways.

"Fortunately, permeable paving materials allow stormwater to soak into the earth, where naturally occurring bacteria help digest contaminants before they reach the water table. Called pervious or porous pavement, these systems keep groundwater clean, help tree roots breathe, reduce the severity of flash-flooding and reduce the urban heat-island effect because they absorb water into the ecosystem and don’t reflect heat back into the environment."

Options for allowing seepage:

Block Pavers are one of my favorite options. I saw quite a few when i was living in Italy and traveling in Europe that had openings for grass to grow through and over them. But these particular pavers aren't a great option for where we live, considering how much snow we get half of the year. (At least for the driveway). Though, they would still be great to use in pathways and patios. I sthink till the block pavers are a beautiful design option...especially if you want to create a pattern and varied colors.

Porous Concrete Pavement is another great option. Here's a helpful site: And from that site: "Pervious concrete pavement systems provide a valuable stormwater management tool under the requirements of the EPA Storm Water Phase II Final Rule. Phase II regulations provide programs and practices to help control the amount of contaminants in our waterways. Impervious pavements-- particularly parking lots-- collect oil, anti-freeze, and other automobile fluids that can be washed into streams, lakes, and oceans when it rains."

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Lisa & Jeremy said...

Love it. I just posted at Inspire, Create, Love about walkway ideas. I looked at the historical bricks and pavers. I don't know what we'll end up with. I love your photos too.

It's nice to see someone as passionate about home design as I am!! :)